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For over 13 years, Junying Die Casting(JY) has been dedicated to providing superior die casting, along with metal finishing through state of the art machinery and processes. Specializing in aluminum and zinc alloys, our engineers and production staff develop a high pressure die casting process that will produce your parts economically and with reliable quality.
JY's Advantage: Advanced Die Casting Technology

JUNYING's automated process monitoring and an expert staff of process technicians means we can quickly detect process issues and correct for out of control variables. We improve the surface finish and integrity of our castings and molds, ensuring our clients receive only the highest quality work from the JY team.
Our Services
We can perform high-pressure die casting for companies in a wide range of industrial applications including: Lighting PartsLock Parts, Mechanical Components, Automotive Parts, etc.

Lighting parts: you can count on us for expert aluminum die cast services for the manufacturing of outdoor and indoor lighting products including street light housings, LED lamp, ceiling lamp, bulb lamp, Barrel lamp, etc.

Lock parts: JY is one of the top die casting companies for lock industry, our lock die casting services include: Steering Wheel Lock, Stick Lock, Car Lock, Cabinet Lock, Bicycle Lock, Door Lock, Drawer Lock, Car Lock, Vending Lock, Padlock, Parking Meter Lock, Switch Lock, Electronic Lock, etc. And the Lock parts include cam lock, lock spring, Lock Washer, Round Hole Key Parts, Lock Transmission Rod, etc.
Our products are well known and have exported to the US and Europe. All the work performed in JY's Die Casting plant. JY features the most technologically advanced die casting equipment. We also implement stringent quality-control measures to detect and eliminate any product deficiencies.
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Discover what makes JY Die Casting a leading Chinese die cast manufacturer for companies in all types of industries.
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