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Junying Die Casting Company

Junying Die Casting Company is a full die casting service provider of precision aluminium alloy die casting, zinc alloy die casting. JY has been manufacturing since 2002 when it was founded in 2002 in Dongguan, China. As a leading enterprises in die casting technology and machining, Junying maintains 26000 square meters of space and approximately 15 high pressure die cast machines ranging in size from 400 to 800 tons. Continually engaging in emerging technology and die casting automation allows us to reduce overall product costs, and provide consistently high quality parts. As a provider of precision aluminium die castings, zinc die castings, we hold our parts to the highest standards, and boast advanced in die casting and CNC machining. This capability makes us an ideal supplier for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die cast parts requiring custom or close-tolerance machining.

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Junying Die Casting Company

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Quality Control

Junying Die Casting Company has strict rules in our advanced quality planning. A Part Control Plan is carried out for each part manufactured. A Process Flowchart is carried out and defines the manufacturing process. Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis is performed to assure the prevention of defectives through the manufacturing process. From manufacturing to shipment, we have three parts of inspection.